Our History

A Short History of McKee Road Baptist Church

Early in the year 1956, Raymond Bohler and his loving wife came to an empty piece of ground on Planz Road to attempt to plant an Independent Baptist Church. Services started not long after in a small “trailer house” with 3 young boys attending that morning. They decided to name the church Olivet Baptist Church.

It was not long before an old building had been donated under the condition that brother Bohler would tear it down and move it to their property. He and a few men immediately went to this task and before long they were putting up a building. Several have recounted how Mrs. Bohler and other ladies of the church would sit at length and straighten the nails pulled from the wood, because there was no money for new ones.

By October 7th 1956, the church was meeting in the new building with just bare floors. On December 2nd of that year, the church was organized with 11 charter members and the name was changed to Planz Road Baptist Church.

On October 6th, 1957 marked the beginning of brother Charles Puckett’s pastorate. A friendly and joyful man, he had a nice family and a wife gifted in music. On September 28th 1959, brother Platt began his short term as pastor before brother Tom Hardy became pastor. A very friendly and compassionate man, Pastor Hardy was known for his excellent Bible teaching. He ministered with his wife and family (son and two daughters) faithfully at his side. One of his daughters is currently serving as a missionary supported by McKee Road Baptist Church with her husband in Belgium.

Brother Parker Roberts served as interim pastor until the church could find a new pastor. Then June 26th, 1966 brother Newell took over as the new pastor, followed by Lyle Smith on June 8th, 1972. Lyle Smith went on to have at least one son who is currently pastoring. Serving for only a few months John Merritt began his pastorate on June 4th, 1974 to be followed by Pastor Raymond Bugg early in 1975.

1981 marked the beginning of the long and fruitful pastorate of Pastor Jerry Dulaney. Known for his giving heart and friendly personality, Pastor Dulaney knew no stranger-and no stranger knew anyone like him. His giving heart extended beyond personal relationships into the arena of world-wide missions. While under his leadership, the church simultaneously supported over 70 individual mission works.

Not long after Jerry Dulaney became pastor, the church was presented with a wonderful opportunity. Property with buildings was available at 400 McKee Road for a price that seemed only God could have arranged. The ever-growing church, reaching higher attendances all the time, needed room for growth. So the church became McKee Road Baptist Church in 1982 because of its new location.

After 21 years of faithful pastoring Pastor Jerry Dulaney was called home suddenly by the Lord in November of 2001. In his absence Jeff Salters was named as Interim Pastor. In 2003 Pastor Steven Wass was named the new pastor of the church. He was followed by brother Michael Caswell in the beginning of 2004. Brother Caswell stayed until October of 2004, feeling the leading of the Lord to return to evangelism.

In November of 2004, fearing what the absence of leadership might mean for the church, a call was placed to West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, California for assistance in filling the pulpit on Sundays. The college responded by sending several young men who would alternate at preaching. Unbeknownst to both the young man and the church, the future pastor would be among those preachers.

On April 27th 2005, the church called Fred Fies to be the pastor. Brother Fies stayed for 12 years until August of 2017. In January of 2018 the church unanimously called brother Don Thomason to become the new pastor.